Celebrity Justice Nov 2 2004 – Partial transcript

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Partial transcript (Rowe issue ‘redacted’) Show: Celebrity Justice Air date: November 2 2004 (video) JANE VALEZ-MITCHELL: …I can see you fighting back tears. (end video) VALEZ-MITCHELL: Nine months ago, CJ first spoke to the father of the boy accusing Michael Jackson of molestation. Now CJ has learned David Arviszo is still fighting to see the 14 year old and his two other kids. (video) ARVISZO: And I miss them and I wanna see them very bad. (end video) VALEZ-MITCHELL: Sources tell us even though the boy’s mother Janet has since remarried Major Jay Jackson, and given birth to another son, she continues to oppose David’s demands for visitation. A restraining order had been issued keeping David away from the kids after the dad reluctantly pleaded ‘no contest’ to spousal abuse during their bitter split. Now this development: The mom’s filed this notice that her lawyer won’t be available through next May; a sign she may wanna postpone the visitation issue until the Michael Jackson molestation trial is over. :nav Your comments?

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