More Disgusting Leaks from a Frightened Set of Desperate Prosecutors – MB#236

More Disgusting Leaks from a Frightened Set of Desperate Prosecutors – MJEOL Bullet #236 JAN 13 2005 — Just when you thought prosecutors in the Michael Jackson “case” couldn’t get any worse, they go and surprise you. After leaking sealed court documents to a website, someone has now leaked testimony from the grand jury transcripts; three guesses as to who it was. After being handed somewhat of a defeat yesterday (Jan 12 2005) by the judge–who ruled that prosecutors will have to stand or fall on this current “case” alone for the time being–now comes more back-alley leaks. This time to ABC News. Cynthia McFadden is reporting that she was allowed to read the grand jury transcripts and she even reports some of the testimony from the one-sided process where there are no defense attorneys to offer up cross-examination. For the record, during the grand jury process, there are no defense attorneys, there are no probative questions concerning the truthfulness of the allegations being made, and there is no judge to keep his hands around the throat of prosecutors to keep them from lying or allowing others to lie on the stand. The nonsense that was allowed to go on during the grand jury process was discussed in a previous 3-part MJEOL Bullet. This is pure and utterly disgusting jury pool tainting at it’s finest. These set of prosecutors are so incredibly desperate to convict Jackson that they actually have the gall to try this non-existent “case” in the media like a bunch of wimpy-ass cry babies; afraid to actually take their medicine in a court of law and have their “witnesses” face Jackson’s attorneys’ blistering cross-examination.

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