Tempest in a Thimble: Fmr. DA Says Feldman Testimony Worthless – MB#244

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Tempest in a Thimble: Fmr. DA Says Feldman Testimony Worthless – MJEOL Bullet #244
A nosy Feldman’s questions about a heath book is labeled as “showing pornography”, while a former San Diego DA calls Feldman a “worthless witness” to prosecutors. Also members of ABC’s 20/20 forum weigh in with skepticism and disapproval

Feb 13 2005 — “If I were Tom Sneddon, I would run, not walk, away from this witness,” said former San Diego District Attorney Paul Pfingst on The Abrams Report Feb 11 2005 in response to what the prosecution should do with Corey Feldman, a bitter ex-friend of Michael Jackson’s from the 1980s.

This stems from the latest speculation frenzy in the media, sparked again, by ABC’s newest “glorified tabloid reporter” and accused blackmailer, Martin Bashir. Pfingst’s blunt comments stemmed from Feldman’s interview.

The interview, as suspected by some, turned out to be a tempest in a thimble, especially given all of the material that’s already been dug up by Celebrity Justice, and info probably yet to be aired by a number of people about Feldman.

Bashir’s interview with former child actor and (former?) drug addict {tag Corey Feldman} was broadcast on ABC’s 20/20. The advertising from the program was steeped in ambiguity and innuendo, as most of Bashir’s “scoops” are.

It may have also drew the attention of current DA Tom Sneddon, who is by now desperately trying to glue together some semblance of a “case” against Michael Jackson.

Feldman and Jackson, along with a number of girls and boys, spent time around each other in the 1980’s. Either taken for a ride by Bashir or falling back into some ambiguous fog, Feldman has made some incredibly questionable allegations around this non-“case”. And like the media always do, they have ran off a cliff with their speculation. 

What is known is that the seemingly scorned Feldman claimed he went to Jackson’s apartment in the 80’s before going to Disneyland, he saw a health book with photos of venereal diseases in it, and asked Jackson about it. The following is from an ABC News article put out before the interview aired:

Feldman says he had such an encounter at Jackson’s home when he says they stopped there on the way to Disneyland. “We went to his apartment, and I noticed a book that he had out on his coffee table. The book contained pictures of grown men and women naked. And the book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia.” Feldman said the singer sat down with him and explained the photos to him. (see Corey Feldman Speaks Out Against Jackson (Feb 10 2005))

In other words, it was a health book, not pornography. Since when does a health book qualify as “porn”? Why, since it belonged to Jackson, apparently. This wasn’t a book that Jackson put in front of his face for no reason. Nor was this a situation initiated by Jackson.

Instead of snatching the book from the wild teenager, Jackson more than likely sat him down and told him about some of the negative ramifications of the fast lifestyle which Feldman would, inevitably, come to live. That is…..IF Feldman is even telling the truth about that.

ABC, with the help of proven liar Bashir allowed other media outlets to wildly speculate about what Feldman had to say before the airing of this non-news. And these other outlets filled in the blanks themselves; complete with a ‘Jackson shows Feldman porn’ headline.

Thus far, the only actual “porn” link between Jackson and Feldman is that health book. Feldman continues to say, even in this ABC interview, that absolutely nothing ever happened between he and Jackson.

He has said it repeatedly, and of his own volition even after he and Jackson had a falling out around the 9/11 tragedy. He, as an adult in 1993, also repeatedly defended Jackson. Celebrity Justice (CJ) got their hands on over an hour long interrogation of Feldman done in December 1993 about allegations against Jackson.

During that 1993 investigation, Feldman repeatedly says nothing sexual or inappropriate ever happened between him and Jackson. Where was that health book story then? Slipped his mind? Please.

A CJ report dated February 9 2005 discusses Feldman’s interview, at age 22, with the sheriff’s department:

“CJ” has obtained an audio interview between actor Corey Feldman and Santa Barbara sheriffs. Recorded in December 1993, the interview includes Corey stating — not once but numerous times — that his friend Michael Jackson, whom he hung out with, didn’t do anything improper with him.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just a generic blanket denial. It was very specific. At one point, Feldman seemed to be attempting to help the police as much as possible by trying to remember if there had ever been anything inappropriate that went on between him and Jackson.

Continued from the CJ article:

“Nothing ever happened with Michael and me,” Corey is heard saying. “Believe me, if there was something that I’d been hiding for all these years, then I would want nothing more than to bring it out right now, to make sure that Michael got the help that he needed.”
(see Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993 Police Interview – CJ)

At one point, the one-track-mind cops tell Feldman “What concerns me about it is, if something did happen that you’re not telling us, is that you wouldn’t because of that.” To which Feldman bluntly replied:

“I can’t put myself in the position of thinking ‘Would I or wouldn’t I’, because nothing happened!”
(see Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993 Police Interview – CJ)

What also seems to come out of the conversation with Feldman is, if the CJ report is accurate, he never slept over in the same room with Jackson at Neverland.

According to the report, Feldman told the cops in 1993 that he’s only ever slept in the same room with Jackson twice. No word yet if anyone else was present in the room with them. Once happened when Feldman slept over at Jackson’s parents Encino home and the other at Disneyland. Jackson never slept in the same bed with Feldman, by Feldman’s own admission.

The current accuser also says that he’s never slept in the same bed with Jackson on the Bashir mockumentary which aired Feb 2003. According to the CJ article:

Corey again insists, “He never did anything out of line. I mean, the closest he ever came to touching me was maybe slapping me on the leg once to talk about that I had lost weight.”
(see Corey Feldman Defended Jackson in 1993 Police Interview – CJ)

Incredibly enough, Feldman does claim he was molested by someone other than Jackson. He reports the person’s name and occupation to the police who were grilling him about Jackson, and they didn’t seem the least bit interested in it, reports Jane Valez-Mitchell.

Valez-Mitchell appeared on Crier Live Feb 10 2003 to discuss the report. Of Feldman’s admission to the cops about a REAL molester, she says:

Jane Valez-Mitchell:… What’s really amazing at one point he goes, ‘you know, i know what it is like to be molested. I was molested’. He names this person that he accuses of molesting him and even says what his occupation is. These detectives show very little interest in pursuing that angle and bring it right back to Michael Jackson. ‘Well, did you talk to Michael Jackson about that’? Pretty amazing stuff.

Also during that show, the prosecution’s favorite tabloid reporter – who may be up to her eyeballs in the speculation around Jackson – figuratively cut Feldman off at the knees Feb 10, only later to come back with wishful thinking on Feb 11. But here is what the prosecution reporter said Feb 10 2005 on Crier Live:

DIMOND: Absolutely. And herein lies the problem with Corey Feldman. God bless him if he was molested by anybody, of course, but he’s told so many different stories.
He’s had so many problems with drugs and alcohol over the years. In 1993 he saying nothing ever happened. In 2003, as you had on last night Catherine, he told Larry king nothing ever happened.
Now all of a sudden he’s on ABC with Martin Bashir tomorrow night, we’re all waiting with bated breath, saying he has come to a ‘sickening realization’.
Here is my bottom line on this. Corey Feldman was a child star. His career has really sort of gone nowhere as an adult. Maybe this was a jump-start to something. I don’t know. But as a witness in this current case, I think he’s just rendered himself useless to everybody. He’s not good for the state or the defense but he’s on the state’s witness list.
(see Crier Live: Feldman 1993 tapes + Valez-Mitchell (Feb 10 2005))

__Feldman’s comments “worthless”__

Some observers have commented that during the ABC interview, Feldman seemed more like a scorned woman. A great number of people, including many prosecution-sympathizers, don’t seem to want to touch Feldman with a 1000 ft. pole.

Former San Diego District Attorney Paul Pfingst appeared on The Abrams Report Feb 11 2005 to talk about what, if anything, Feldman would have to offer to this current “case”. Pfingst wasn’t impressed, at all, with what Feldman was claiming. He told Abrams:

Paul Pfingst, Former San Diego District Attorney: If I were Tom Sneddon I would run, not walk, away from this witness because the opportunity for the defense to cross-examine him and to make him look silly and therefore diminish the rest of the prosecution’s case, is just so great — I’m gonna be surprised, I’m gonna be shocked if the prosecutors put him on the stand.
He has been on television so many times saying so many good things about Michael Jackson that any jury is likely to think that is he trying to revive his acting career and get the attention he wasn’t getting before. And so I think he’s a worthless witness.

Even Abrams admitted he would be shocked if prosecutors felt the need to call Feldman. At one point, Abrams plays a clip of Feldman’s interview from 20/20 as provided by ABC before its airing. In one of the clips, Feldman whines about it being a “toll” to defend Jackson. Pfingst seems to have very little patience with this type of testimony.

He tells Abrams on that Feb 11 2005 show:

PFINGST: You know if he gets up on the stand and says something like he just said, ‘You don’t understand the toll of defending Michael Jackson’, he’s gonna look like a fool.
Because the fact of the matter is that most people think hanging out with superstars is not a toll, and you could have walked away any time you wanted to.
One of the dangers that sometimes could happen with prosecutors is you try to put little pieces together and make a big piece. But one of the things you have to worry about is that if one of your little pieces blows up, it blows up some of your bigger pieces with it.
So I can’t foresee any circumstances where a prosecutor could be so desperate as to try to put someone on the stand and allow the defense a field day in cross-examination. Dan, I just can’t see it. (see partial transcript)

As for the health book with venereal diseases spotted and asked about by Feldman, Abrams literally says “So what.” Defense attorney Ron Richards offers up an explanation that seems to be the general consensus about Corey ‘witness-come-lately’ Feldman. He says Feldman hasn’t really had any type of career lately and that could be a powerful motive to suddenly use this current situation to his advantage.

The following is an exchange between Abrams, Richards and Pfingst:

Richards: Yeah, I mean – look all children grow up. And the fact is that Corey Feldman hasn’t really had anything that’s newsworthy in a very long time. And it’s a very powerful motive for someone to get free publicity on 20/20 tonight in primetime. This is more…
Abrams: This isn’t gonna help his career though, Ron. The bottom line is this is not going to help his career. Coming out in publicly and talking about Michael Jackson, i can’t imagine is going to lead Hollywood to suddenly say, oh, that’s the guy i want starring in my next movie.
Richards: Well it’s creating a buzz.
Pfingst: Well, he may think so, Dan.
Abrams: What, Paul?
Pfingst: He may think so.
Richards: Dan, in Hollywood you sell the sizzle, not the steak. Just remember that.
Abrams: Yeah.
Richards: This is the land where people self-promote. And we’re not in the first period here. Corey Feldman is in the fourth period with two minutes to go in the game, there’s nothing wrong with him throwing a “hail mary” and juxtaposing himself in the middle of the trial now.
Pfingst: Kato Kaeland (sp?) did a good job, Dan. (laughter) He stayed alive for a while.
Abrams: Yeah.
Richards: I’ve never agreed so much with a prosecutor in one show in my whole life. I just want say I agree with everything my colleague is saying today.

What Pfingst and many others were pointing out is all of the previous interviews and comments Feldman has made, repeatedly saying absolutely nothing sexual or inappropriate ever happened between he and Jackson. Interviews like the 1993 police interrogation discussed previously and a November 2003 interview with Larry King.

__Defended Jackson even as an ex-friend__
Feldman defended Jackson even as an ex-friend. November 21 2003, he does an interview with Larry King where he again repeatedly denies anything sexual or inappropriate happened between him and Jackson at any time. This was two years after the falling-out with Jackson around 9/11.

He even goes on to elaborate about what kind of person Jackson is. He tells King that it was he, not Jackson, who initially pursued a friendship. He says he told Jackson “if I give you my phone number, would you call me, and he said sure.” Check out this exchange between King and Feldman during that show:

KING: What was his behavior around other kids when you were around him?
FELDMAN: You know what? Everything that I have seen, I have to be completely honest, because I couldn’t do it any other way. Everything I have ever seen about him has been kind hearted to children. I’ve never seen him act in any way inappropriate way to a child.
KING: And he was never inappropriate with you?
FELDMAN: Never with me. Never with me.
KING: So, then why not be fully committed to him now as you were ten years ago?
FELDMAN: As I said, we had our personal differences.
KING: It didn’t have anything to do with this?
FELDMAN: It had nothing to do with this. We had a situation, which I can’t really talk about, but it was around the time of his 30th Anniversary special and we had a falling out as friends sometimes do. And we’ve had our differences.

So you have Feldman who’s no longer close to Jackson, after the 2003 ransacking of Neverland, telling King nothing inappropriate ever happened. Period.

Now, all of a sudden, Feb 2005, he suddenly remembers…..what? Not much of anything relating to actual misconduct. And the rest is wrapped in speculative ambiguity furthered by he and Bashir. It really was a ludicrous Bashir interview filled with disturbing innuendo and the self-promotion of Feldman, who apparently has dreams of becoming a rock star.Red flag #1.

He sets himself up as some type of ‘voice for the voiceless’ martyr. Red flag #2.

He really had nothing of import to say at all about anything directly related to this “case” and relied on a chorus of could have/may have/might have to shore up his unimportant observations. Red flag #3

Let’s see if those who complained about Rivera’s Jackson interview also complain about Bashir’s interview. Talk about leading and softball questions! And, unlike the Rivera interview, Bashir didn’t have his hands tied by the Court and “a bunch of whiny prosecutors”, noted one observer. And who knows if Feldman’s newly recalled events are even true?

Feldman has a long history of drug use. Maybe someone should have made him pee in a cup before doing that Bashir interview. But I digress.

Back to Feldman’s King interview: he not only defended his non-friend Jackson, but offered up comments about him which doesn’t sound at all like someone with “sickening realizations”. Oddly enough –and we don’t know if Feldman was being facetious or not – he actually says he was obsessed with Jackson at some point.

That may be evidenced in photographs of Feldman dressing like Jackson and wearing his hair like Jackson out in public. Check out this exchange between King and Feldman:

KING: ….In “Dream a Little Dream” you played a high school rebel that’s obsessed with Michael, right?
FELDMAN: I don’t know if it was part of the character description, but I was obsessed with Michael and that bled into the character.
(see Corey Feldman Says Nothing Inappropriate happened – Larry King (11-21-03))

He even says that at his lowest point — when he was heavily using drugs and thought Jackson would drop him like a hot potato – Jackson continued to support him, be there for him and give him advice. From the Nov 21 2003 show:

KING: We know you had your own problems, you had drug problems. What was Michael like during that period of your life?
FELDMAN: Well, you know Larry, that’s interesting and a good question because at that point in my life and especially Michael’s life and career, he was kind of very sugar-coated at that time and very kind of prim and proper.
Everyone thought of him as the perfect ideal of the American citizen. And for me, it was kind of like Michael’s probably not going to stick around, probably not going to be my friend anymore and it was a big shock he was very supportive and came out and called me and asked if there was anything he could do, if there was anything that I needed and gave me profound advice, which was to take the pain of the torment and the turmoil I was enduring and to kind of refocus that into my acting and to use it. And it was profound advice and I’ve used it.
(see Corey Feldman Says Nothing Inappropriate happened – Larry King (11-21-03))

Again, this is more than just a blanket denial. He’s actually talking about Jackson’s character from the standpoint of someone who is no longer close to Jackson and isn’t there to be his cheerleader. It continues:

KING: Do you say there were areas he was wise?
FELDMAN: He was very wise. Very, very intelligent man.
(see Corey Feldman Says Nothing Inappropriate happened – Larry King (11-21-03))

King asked him then if he missed his friendship with Jackson. He says:

KING: I got you. Do you miss his friendship?
FELDMAN: Yes and no. You know, it’s like any lost friend. There’s an emotional attachment, obviously. I miss that part. I miss the fun we had together. I hope that this is an eye opening experience for him, because I was always a good friend and true friend and I hope he looks at the people around him.
What Michael Jackson needs more than anything, is to look around at who he’s got around him and say, who can I trust?
(see Corey Feldman Says Nothing Inappropriate happened – Larry King (11-21-03))

“look around at who he’s got around him and say, ‘who can I trust’?” Apparently, Feldman wasn’t one of them. And through his latest actions, he’s proven that Jackson’s decision to cast him aside was a wise one. It appears incredibly late for him now to try to assert, through Bashir’s incredibly leading questions, that anything remotely inappropriate happened.

Those who saw the interview say the accused blackmailer asked Feldman leading, prosecution-type questions like “He showed you pornography. He showed you images of genitalia with sexual diseases. What was he doing? Was he grooming you?” Grooming? Where the hell did that concept come from?

From the prosecution. He seemed desperate for Feldman to incriminate Jackson in some way. Ridiculous. Those questions were specifically designed to tie Feldman’s magically recollected memories into this current “case”. That’s not an accident or an innocent set of circumstances, but rather appears to be designed for a specific, malicious purpose.

__ “Left to die”…on a bus with the Jacksons…__
One sticking point was Feldman’s dramatic claims that Jackson was “delusional” about Feldman writing a book on him. Through research, Feldman’s critique may not hold water because he has been quoted, correctly or incorrectly – and I’ve heard the story as well – as saying that he would write a book about Jackson when his parents die.

Consequently, the only person “delusional” here may be Feldman, because the story was widely reported. Now, if he wants to question the accuracy of the story, that’s one thing. But to call Jackson delusional when it was Jackson’s own family who helped him get out of New York seems bizarre.

Did he not say this or has he forgotten he threw a temper tantrum and made that threat? His problems seem to be stuck around the 9/11 tragedy…even though he wasn’t “left to die” anywhere. He whines about not being allowed in a limo with Jackson during that time. Maybe he needs to get some psychological help to get over that issue? But what could be more insidious is the fact that he’s not telling the public the full story around that situation.

The fact is that according to Jackie Jackson’s wife, Victoria, Feldman took a ride with the Jacksons on their family’s private bus out of New York around that time. Remember, the U.S. suspended all air travel. In a story reportedly aired June 6 2002 on Access Hollywood, Victoria tells what she says really happened between the Jacksons and Feldman. She says that, no,

Jackson never abandoned Feldman in New York on Sept 11. She also says it was Feldman who made a nuisance of himself and upset Jackson’s then 71 year old mother, Katherine Jackson. From the report:

Michael Jackson’s sister-in-law Victoria (wife of Jackie) has spoken out against former child actor Corey Feldman’s claims that Michael abandoned him in New York on September 11th.
She claims Feldman invited himself onto the bus due to take the extended Jackson family out of New York. She said Feldman was making a nuisance of himself on the bus, and upsetting 71-year-old Katherine Jackson.

Feldman wasn’t “left to die” in New York after 9/11. And it was Jackson’s family who helped him. Feldman later claimed Jackson said ‘if Corey’s on this bus, it doesn’t leave New York!’. Well apparently that was a crock too. So what the hell is he talking about? Jackie’s wife Victoria would have liked to know the answer to that question as well.

From the Access Hollywood article:

“So I guess we are still in New York,” commented Victoria, who went on to claim Feldman took a ride on the Jackson bus and was dropped off in Memphis.
“He was thanking everyone so much for letting him go with us,” she said.
“That’s another thing that threw me, he was so grateful, thanking everybody, and then he said that he was stuck in New York.”
(see Victoria Jackson says Feldman made nuisance of himself – Access Hollywood)

Feldman seems to be telling the opposite story in comparison to his real behavior during that time. Fat chance of getting Bashir to delve into this contradiction—only one among many – to any extent.

What does Victoria think of Feldman’s whining? She says he’s “a little delusional” and that he acted like he was entitled to special treatment. More from her Access Hollywood interview:

“Feldman is in my opinion, a little delusional because he thinks he’s supposed to get special treatment and have cars waiting to take him places. He was a child star, and he’s no longer a star, a child or any kind of star, and I think he’s dying to be in the place he once was, and he will go to any length to get there.” 
(see Victoria Jackson says Feldman made nuisance of himself – Access Hollywood)

Interesting and possibly prophetic words from Victoria about Feldman going to “any length”. Could that be what he’s doing now? Could this be some asinine way of forcing Jackson to pay attention to him?

__Malicious, defamatory intent?__
Bashir plans to do yet another defamatory Jackson “special”, reportedly using footage from the ill-named “Living with Michael Jackson” bash-fest featuring the current accuser. We’ll see if the current judge is as strict on Bashir’s jury pool tainting as he’s been with allowing Jackson access to tell his side of the story.

What could these types of programs mean for ABC and what kind of legal trouble could they be in when Jackson gets to present exonerating evidence in court? It seems as if ABC has crossed the line from simply reporting about a story, to maliciously going after Jackson. This is a view shared by many an observer, even some prosecution supporters.

Bashir is far from a neutral reporter. Jackson publicly humiliated him and ruined his already highly damaged reputation by revealing hours worth of behind-the-scenes footage; footage of Bashir speaking in glowing terms about Jackson to his face, only later to be caught up in his own lies.

He is also being made to testify in the current “case” and will be subject to what is sure to be an incredibly scathing cross-examination where Bashir’s contradictory statements will be an issue. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that it is his own fault. And what appears to be an insidious desire to “get” Jackson could be manifesting itself though future ridiculous, defamatory “specials”.

 This Feldman “interview” may have backfired, even with those who are on the prosecution’s side of the argument, as evidenced by public statements made at ABC News’s 20/20 message board. The comments, thus far, show that people on all sides of this issue are less than welcoming of Feldman’s comments. Pro-prosecution comments include this one from “ChasersMa”:

ChaserMa: “…But I really think Corey Feldman is just looking for some attention with this interview. He is an actor and he seems to me to be acting throughout this entire interview…Just seemed too scripted and melodramatic for me to take it sincerely. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124403

Others who haven’t overtly made their opinions about the Jackson “case” known say:

bine73: this is a desperate attempt by a has-been child star to grasp another chance at his “15 minutes.” corey Feldman should be ashamed of himself. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124407
tinbed564: I agree. He comes across as someone who wants to be back in the public arena and this is one way to do it. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124407
Bahamasgyal: I was not impressed by the interview. He says he was NOT molested and he has issues with Michael Jackson Discussing, sexually transmitted diseases with him. As a parent of a young boy myself I would be Happy that someone took the time to inform my son of the dangers out there when it comes to illicit and unprotected sex. Are you guys on a mission to discredit Michael Jackson?? As far as I am concerned Corey said nothing of consequence. If anything he has helped the case. Yes he looked at magazines with Michael Jackson but he unequivocally states that Mr. Jackson NEVER touched him inappropriately. I think just think [sic] this is all absurd… http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124416
tarasia123 in Re: if mr. feldman is called to testify that will be it for me, he said judging by the evidence he has seen – he hasn’t seen any evidence… http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124416

“tinbed564” also lays into Bashir in relation to the first interview, the ill-labeled “Living with Michael Jackson” which aired Feb 2003.

tinbed564 Re: I was not impressed by the interview either. Mostly because Martin Bashir is not credible as a journalist. I think the way the first interview was conducted was very disingenuous…The interviews that he has done since then either has a tabloid-like air to it, makes my skin crawl. Sometimes I can’t believe that ABC has to stoop that low for ratings and ABC has been one of my favorite stations. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124416

That seemed to be a reoccurring theme from those observers who have expressed their opinions thus far on the Feldman interview.

On the ABC boards, not very many of the one’s who posted their opinions were sympathetic to Feldman

leenough Re: Bashir should go back to the Enquirer or wherever he came from. What a filthy dark mind he has. What has happened to 20/20 or for that matter ABC?…That it. I’m leaking with Barbara. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124416
calnoway Re: Man, what a waste of time! The entire segment was a sham! Shame on 20/20! The promos lead you to believe that Corey Feldman had recalled some terrible moment involving Michael Jackson. But, here’s the switch – we get to hear about Corey’s entire life and his aspirations of becoming a rock star. Now, that’s truly laughable! http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124416

One long time-viewer of 20/20 writes that he’s disappointed in the level of reporting in the Feldman interview too:

gjr91101: As a long-time, frequent and objective viewer of 20/20. I have to admit that I am seriously disappointed in the compromised level of reporting offered in your Michael Jackson/Corey Feldman piece. I am not a fan of Michael Jackson’s nor am I a fan of Corey Feldman’s however I am a fan of 20/20 and its reputation of reporting. After viewing several days of hyped advertising leading to this show, I have to say that what ABC eluded [sic] to and what is being reported on are two completely different interpretations. This is not to say that I wanted to validate the hype of hysteria, but rather see how you guys really pull off involving yourself in this circus without diminishing ABC’s reputation as a quality news source. http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124451

This “gjr91101” also noticed something that almost all observers who have commented on the “interview” noticed: Bashir’s leading questioning.

The viewer writes that “upon discovery” by Bashir that Feldman “had no tangible contribution to the hype, your reporter felt the need to lead Mr. Feldman into question after question influencing the entire integrity of interpretation.” And the critiques continue to roll in:

somehotgal: I would just like to say that I feel sorry for mr feldman for having to use an old friend’s name to get his name back into the media again (funny just before his new band has a cd coming out I’m thinkin’?? hmmm) http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124441

“somehotgal” isn’t he first to notice the attention paid to Feldman’s wanna-be-career status. Other viewers were completely blunt, like “eeLnivek” who wrote:


eeLnivek: Absurd! This is an actor that is trying to regain his status; which was nothing to begin with. OOOooo he had a few movies, and he wanted to be Michael Jackson – at some point…I am not saying that Michael is innocent; however this interview showed Corey’s desperation for a possible future. Sad! http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124408

Sad, indeed. And these are all comments found on ABC’s public message boards.

Another issue touched upon by “tiffruther” involved Feldman’s drug use and how that may have affected his judgment and memory. This prosecution supporter writes:

tiffruther: I am disappointed in ABC… I believe that the long use of drugs that Mr. Feldman has himself reported to the media has clouded his judgement; on what was real and false…And I guess that is another method of drug use; use anyone and everything to continue to make a name for yourself. I would think that if anything was not appropriate in their relationship that he would have been the first to come forward. …I think Mr. Feldman’s account is false and they come much to [sic] late. And just to be clear I am not a fan of Mr. Jackson’s… http://forums.go.com/abcnews/thread?threadID=124460

However people feel about Jackson’s innocence, it’s quite clear that a large number of people simply don’t agree with Feldman’s methods. They are suspicious of his motives, his timing, his overly hyped and highly questionable story, and his decision to talk to Bashir (of all people).

Needless to say, observers of this “case” who happen to be Jackson fans have very little sympathy for Feldman and caution that he might have just injected himself into a situation that he may not be able to deal with. Feldman will learn very quickly that this isn’t a reality TV show he’s just signed up for. This isn’t a Hollywood role in a B-movie.

He won’t be able to sit behind the shield of the media and level allegations of any kind without being challenged. Does Feldman have anything at all to add to this discussion other than allowing the defense to, once again, impeach yet another prosecution witness with his own words?

The vast majority of pro-prosecution, neutral and pro-defense observers who have expressed their opinion both to MJEOL and other public message boards, say “no” to that question. Too bad for Feldman….and certain media who are attempting to CREATE the story instead of just reporting it.

Stay tuned.


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