Janet Arvizo Charged with 5 Felony Counts of Fraud & Perjuy – Court Papers

Jackson Accuser’s Mom Hit With Fraud Rap
Prosecutors: Woman repeatedly lied to secure welfare handouts

AUGUST 23–The mother of the Los Angeles boy who accused Michael Jackson of sexual molestation was charged today with welfare fraud and perjury.

The five-count felony indictment charges Janet Arvizo with a single fraud count and four instances of lying to secure nearly $19,000 in welfare payments to which she was not entitled, according to the below court filing.

Fox: Janet Arvizo charged with Welfare Fraud?

[b]Fraud charges filed against mother of Michael Jackson’s accuser[/b] LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press LOS ANGELES – The woman whose son accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in a trial that led to Jackson’s acquittal was charged with welfare fraud Tuesday in a five-count complaint alleging she collected $18,782 in payments while making false claims she was indigent. At Jackson’s trial, the woman invoked her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and refused to testify about the welfare matter. But Jackson’s lawyers presented evidence that she and her family had received a $150,000 settlement in a 2001 lawsuit against a department store at a time when she was claiming to be indigent. They also showed the woman was receiving money from her boyfriend to pay the rent on her apartment. The Associated Press is withholding the name of the woman to protect the identity of her son. The five-count complaint filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Fraud and Corruption Prosecutions alleged that the woman hid from authorities the fact that she had received the settlement and also failed to report the receipt of $637 for payment of her rent in January 2003.

No Rest for the Wicked

[i]June 16-June 23, 2005[/i] NEWS OF THE WEEK BY CATHY MURILLO, ETHAN STEWART, and NICK WELSH, with Drew Atkins, Chris Cadelago, and Chelsea Lindman Photos Paul Wellman [b]No Rest for the Wicked[/b] Role Reversal for MJ’s Nemesis By Matt Kettmann Just three days removed from the unsuccessful end to the Continue Reading

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info- MB #227 Highlight History

Pt 1: Explosive Court Declaration Shows Damning Info – MJEOL Bullet #227 Declaration by Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discusses incredibly damaging info about the accusing family’s credibility and current allegations NOVEMBER 29 2004 — Explosive new court documents (docs) were released recently that may have completely obliterated the accusing family’s conspiracy allegations in the Michael Jackson “case”. The info is so damaging that most of the general media has so far stayed away from even reporting in detail what was stated in the redacted defense docs. What are they afraid of? Jackson attorney Brian Oxman discussed the accusing family’s changing stories and request for psychological examinations. Even though a number of lines are blacked out in the court doc, much more info about the history of the accusing family is revealed. The history of this family is relevant because what some commentators don’t yet understand is that this is no longer a he-said/he-said “case”. The accusing family—the mother, the sister, and the accuser’s brother—are also leveling specific allegations against Jackson about the way they were treated and what they allegedly suffered at the hands of Jackson or his employees. That makes their history and credibility fair game as well. Oxman is the attorney who issued a subpoena which sparked the prosecution’s cry-baby motion as discussed in MJEOL Bullet #225: Prosecutors Whining After Obtaining Numerous Search Warrants. In his declaration, Oxman states that contrary to what prosecutors are claiming, the subpoena does not violate the privacy of any of the accusing family members. As a matter of fact, Oxman writes, the Court has already endorsed these subpoenas.

Ludicrous Bartucci Claims Revealed Months Earlier – MB #281

Ludicrous Bartucci Claims Revealed Months Earlier – MB #281 Some media slow, as usual, with presenting details of Bartucci’s shady past AUGUST 18 2005 – With news about the ludicrous claims from Joseph Barticci – allegedly being held hostage in a limo at age 18, and being sliced with razors by Jackson – the rabid, Jackson-obsessed sect of the media is attempting to run amok with this story. Most people hearing the “repressed memory” allegation that in 1984, an 18 year old Bartucci was held for days in a limo and sexually assaulted at gunpoint, rightly see this as the ridiculous allegation it is. However, some in the media who have used Jackson-related stories to increase their ratings, as well as some who want Jackson’s blood, are presenting the story as if it’s a serious news event. Take the ratings-chasing Rita “NOI” Cosby of MSNBC, for example. Her Jackson segment last night (August 17) was long on allegations from Bartucci’s lawyer and short on truth. Though attorney Brian Oxman did his best to counter the allegations, his air time was severely limited in favor of Bartucci’s lawyer. Nutty-ass “journalists” run from the truth like mythical vampires run from crucifixes. However, it took the entertainment-based Celebrity Justice (CJ) to dig out other aspects of this story almost a year ago when the lawsuit was initially filed.

Radio Show #2 Re-broadcast

Due to requests, the Essence of Love Radio Show #2 will be re-broadcasted! Topics -Thomas Mesereau’s Radio 5 interview -The 2 lying jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman who may have flip-flopped for book deals Show length: 34 minutes [u][b]Re-air times[/b][/u] August 18 2005: [b]7:00PM ET / 6:00PM CT[/b];       Continue Reading

Traitorous Jurors Get No Love from Media, Public, Fellow Jurors – MB #280

Traitorous Jurors Get No Love from Media, Public, Fellow Jurors – MB #280
Despite the media’s discontent, they’re getting it wrong…again

AUGUST 13 2005 — The jurors who have flip-flopped seemingly for the pursuit of financial gain have found very little sympathy from the media, the public and their fellow jurors. These jurors have seemingly become the poster children from what’s wrong with the legal justice system as it relates to celebrity trials.

Besides the timing of these allegations from Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman, people are questioning the sincerity of what they allegedly believe about Michael Jackson. Even their fellow jurors are speaking out at the allegations leveled against them.

In post-trial interviews, Hultman and Cook both have said that the evidence for a conviction just was not there. Now, they’re claiming the evidence pointed towards guilt, but that they were bullied and threatened to vote not guilty. Please!

The media is already missing the plot in this, though. Although the media have rightly been openly disdainful of the actions of these two, they are still treating this situation as if ‘guilty’ was the correct verdict; acting like they are angry at the pair for not convicting Jackson. This, in itself, is ridiculous.

They got it right the first time when they voted to acquit Jackson. But a lot of media are not dissecting the story in this way. More often than not, they are not pointing out numerous contradictory statements Cook and Hultman made in post-verdict interviews. They are not bringing attention to the attitudes of these two right after the verdict.

Art Montandon Reeives Robert F. Grogan Award for Public Service

Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts its 86th annual awards dinner Aug. 11, 2005 By Kent Miller/Business Editor James D. Glines, Arthur Montandon and Union Asphalt Inc. were honored Wednesday night at the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce’s 86th annual installation and awards dinner. About 330 people attended the dinner at the Santa Maria Elks Lodge, where Glines was named the chamber’s Citizen of the Year, Montandon received the Robert F. Grogan Award for Public Service and Union Asphalt was named Business of the Year.