Highlight History – Art Books Turned into “child porn” by Desperate Prosecution

Art Books Turned into ‘child porn’ by Desperate Prosecution – MB #262

Unbelievably desperate prosecutors now trying to turn two 1960s art books into “child porn”

MAY 1 2005 — Prosecutors have been scrambling in the past few days to put as much distance between Debbie Rowe’s explosive testimony and the end of their “case” as possible.

The prosecution has introduced 2 art books seized from Neverland in 1993….yeah, we’re back to 1993…again. They hope that the jury will overlook the fact that these books are legal, available for purchase, and really have nothing to do with either the 1993 allegation or the 2003 allegation.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, the prosecution always takes it one step further. One of the books is called “The Boy: A Photographic Essay” and consists of photographs taken on the set of the classic movie Lord of the Flies.

Breaking: Court TV Gets Rid of Dimond?

According to Mediabistro.com, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has gotten the boot from Court TV. Here’s what’s posted:

Category: Court TV Sunday, Aug 28 Diane Dimond Leaves Court TV Court TV dismantled Diane Dimond’s investigative unit, and she subsequently left the network on Friday. Late last week, I wondered why Dimond was labeled an “investigative journalist” when she appeared on Nancy Grace.

Arvizo Charged with Defrauding Welfare System – MB#282 Update

Arvizo Charged with Defrauding Welfare System, Facing Jail Time – MB#282 Update Recommended bail is set at $5o,000; Arraignment set for Sept 7 AUGUST 24 2005 – Janet Arvizo, the mother of the accuser in the Michael Jackson trial, has been charged with 5 felony counts of welfare fraud and perjury. It’s nice to know there are actually officials in power who have enough cojones to look at the facts and prosecute someone who has actually committed a crime, instead of going after Jackson. Jackson was acquitted on all 14 counts – 10 felony counts and 4 misdemeanor counts – on June 13 2005. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Fraud and Corruption Prosecution filed felony charges Tuesday (August 23) saying the felonious fraud hid hundreds of thousands of dollars from the welfare system while claiming she was indigent. The news broke with not even half the amount of attention the broadcast media devoted to Jackson when police invaded his Neverland Ranch looking for evidence that never existed. There were no 10 – 15 minute segments talking about this breaking news story. No breaking into programming of the networks to report the news of Arvizo being charged. No live reports outside of the Arvizos’ house. And no string of inane, speculative conversations with people who know very little about the facts of the case. I can only assume the aforementioned treatment is only reserved for negative Michael Jackson stories.