Michael Jackson: “King Of Pop” Style

[b]Michael Jackson: “King Of Pop” Style[/b] Since the early days of the Jackson Five, Michael Jackson has set himself apart from every other musical artist with his tremendous talent, but also utterly unique sense of style. From his bell-bottoms and Afro as a child star to his current military inspired suits, his fashion statements are etched permanently into our memory banks. Regardless of your particular opinion of Michael Jackson, it is undeniable that he has driven fashion and style to a whole new level. In these times of political correctness in unrecognizable styles of celebrities it is popular to bash the fashion sense of Michael Jackson. But, those that look without prejudice were excited to see his unique fashion picks on that famous trial. For those who wish to draw from the Michael Jackson’s ever-changing looks, each decade of his career provides a host of incredibly creative design elements.

Jackson Trial Footage (Excerpts from video) – APTN

[b]EXCLUSIVE: JACKSON TRIAL FOOTAGE[/b] London: June 16, 2005: APTN Library has acquired exclusive footage which formed a central part of the case against Michael Jackson, and was a key factor in his acquittal. The hour-long video shows the Arvizo family at the centre of the accusations, including the alleged victim Gavin. It was taken to help Jackson deny the allegations against him. Janet Arvizo later claimed that they were forced to record the video and it became part of the conspiracy charge against Jackson. The video was never publicly released and has only been seen in court. Janet Arvizo’s appearance in the video where they enthusiastically praise Jackson, laughing and appearing relaxed, strongly contrasted with her attitude and testimony in the trial. Her credibility was cited as a major issue in the acquittal. The footage is a key part of the story about the Jackson trial and offers a unique opportunity to analyse the accusations and the people making them. As the footage has never been seen publicly APTN Library is considering offers for exclusive territorial licences for a limited period. APTN Library is the exclusive distributor of the video outside the US, on behalf of the copyright owner. Arvizo Family Interview GEN0629 N.B. This is a summary, not a verbatim transcript of the interview.

Persecuted Lawyer Runs for Santa Barbara D.A. – MB #302

Persecuted Lawyer Runs for Santa Barbara D.A. – MB #302

FEB 20 2006 – The attorney currently suing Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his office has now thrown his hat in the race for District Attorney(DA).

It would be safe to say that Tom Sneddon will be retiring in disgrace after the wrong-headed and doomed prosecution of Michael Jackson. His upcoming absence has sparked an interest in at least one other non-handpicked person to run for Santa Barbara District Attorney.

Attorney Gary Dunlap’s website, www.electgarydunlap.org , gives a few talking points about why he should be elected as the county’s next District Attorney. Two of those talking points were obvious digs at the current system.

One states, “Let them know you are suspicious of years of malicious prosecution” and another states, “25 years of 1 man rule is enough”.

From a Santa Maria Times Jan 21 article came word that Dunlap was considering a run at the position of Santa Barbara DA. Dunlap has been an attorney for over 35 years, taking many cases in defense of people who can’t afford attorneys, and who have been prosecuted by the DA’s office.

Dunlap’s attempt to ‘throw-the-bums-out’ is intriguing if only for the newsworthiness of his own tribulations suffered at the hands of current DA Tom Sneddon.