Aphrodite Jones writes New Book about Media Bias? – MiniBullet#36

Aphrodite Jones writes New Book about Media Bias? – MiniBullet#36

APRIL 30 2007 – Former Michael Jackson hater, Aphrodite Jones, apparently has written a new book. Before you roll your eyes in disgust (as I did when I first heard about it), hold on a minute.

If the write up on Jones’s website for the new book rings true, she may not be as delusional as some of us think she is. This opinion, of course, is based on the pre-release information available so far.

Is Rolling Stone gathering moss? – Chicago Tribune

[b]Is Rolling Stone gathering moss?[/b] By Mark Caro Tribune entertainment reporter No Prince, but, hey, they’ve got Stewart Brand! I just picked up the thick, snazzy The Fortieth Anniversary edition of Rolling Stone, a magazine I read religiously when it was closer to its 15th anniversary. To commemorate, the magazine conducted interviews with 20 “artists and leaders who helped shape our time.” And they are Bob Dylan, Jimmy Carter, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, Bob Weir, Patti Smith, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Bill Moyers, George McGovern, Stewart Brand, Michael Moore, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne and Neil Young. I generally try to avoid the politics of representation, but this list makes Rolling Stone’s worldview appear rather, um, monochromatic.

Geragos Lawyer Asks for $2 Million-Plus in Jet Videotape Damages Secret

Geragos Lawyer Asks for $2 Million-Plus in Jet Videotape Damages Secret By: North County Times wire services – LOS ANGELES – A judge wants more information about the financial worth of a man who allegedly set up the secret videotaping of lawyer Mark Geragos and Michael Jackson aboard a private jet, court papers obtained today show. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Soussan G. Brugera, who presided over the three-day, non-jury trial stemming from Geragos’ lawsuit against Jeffrey Borer and XtraJet of Santa Monica, took the case under submission Jan. 24 to decide both liability and damages. Yesterday, Brugera issued a one-page notice setting a June 7 hearing in order to learn more about Borer’s financial status so she can determine how much punitive damages should be assessed against him.

Lawsuit Against Jackson Dismissed – MiniBullet#35

Lawsuit Against Jackson Dismissed – MiniBullet#35

APRIL 17 2007 – Word came today from MJHU and confirmed through the Los Angeles County's Court website that a lawsuit filed against Jackson with a number of questionable allegations has been dismissed.

The lawsuit filed April 28 2006, brought by Helen Harris-Scott, alleged that Jackson had inflicted intentional emotional distress against her, stalked her, sent secret messages to her and keyed her car. No, I’m not kidding.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing Acquires Leiber Stoller Catalog

Sony/ATV Music Publishing Acquires Leiber Stoller Catalog 2007-04-17 16:01:14 – NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — Sony/ATV Music Publishing today announced that it has acquired the legendary catalogue of award-winning songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The Leiber Stoller catalogue contains more than 40 Top 40 hits, including “Stand By Me,” “Poison Ivy,” “Is That All There Is?,” “Love Potion #9” and some of the greatest songs that are part of the Elvis Presley legend, including “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” Sony/ATV Music Publishing is co- owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson ‘a good parent’

[b]Michael Jackson ‘a good parent'[/b] Tuesday Apr 17 09:00 AEST Troubled superstar Michael Jackson has been given the thumbs up as a father by a magazine publisher who traveled with him. Jamie Foster Brown, who publishes Sister 2 Sister magazine in the US, traveled with [Jackson] and his children to Japan last month. And Jamie insisted that even though the children were made to cover their faces in public, behind the scenes Jackson seemed like a regular dad. “He just seemed to be a good parent,” she insisted. “More so than most of us!” Jamie says [Jackson’s] children Prince Michael, 10, Paris, 9, and Prince Michael II, 5, did not have their faces covered when they were indoors.

Memorabilia Auction house in serious legal trouble with SEC

UPDATE: [b]Damages against Universal Express, officers total $25.7 million[/b] As Universal Express prepares to auction off Michael Jackson memorabilia, its legal thriller with the SEC is dancing toward an appeals court. An order by New York Federal District Court Judge Gerard Lynch, filed on April 2, calls for a penalty of $21.9 million against the Boca Raton-based company, $3.1 million against CEO Richard Altomare and $794,711 against corporate counsel Chris Gunderson.

Crier Canned at Court TV; Show cancelled

Court TV Cancels Crier Court TV has cancelled legal news show Catherine Crier Live after a seven-year run. The star’s contract was up and the network wants to fill more of its schedule with the entertainment shows it programs in prime. Staffers were informed today at a 3:00 p.m. meeting. The show, which premiered in January 2000, clashes with Court’s new stepped-up focus on unscripted drama. In March, Court announced it will ditch its name and change its programming under a rebrand slated to take effect Jan. 1, 2008.

Duke Case Prosecutor Lambasted as Media Hypocrisy is Revealed -MB#322

Duke Case Prosecutor Lambasted as Media Hypocrisy is Revealed – MB#322

APRIL 12 2007 – Maybe the public and much of the media needed to see a group of what they consider to be ‘more acceptable faces’ on the issue of {tag false allegations} before they finally got that not every accuser in a high profile case tells the truth? Some of them certainly didn’t seem to ‘get it’ during the Michael Jackson case from 2005.