Will.I.am Hangs Up On Michael Jackson ‘Prankster’

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Rapper Will.I.am thought he was the victim of a prank when he got a call from a man claiming to be Michael Jackson – so the Black Eyed Peas star hung up on him.

The My Humps hitmaker – real name William Adams – was so dubious of the authenticity of the phone call, he mocked the Thriller singer and demanded to know the real identity of the caller, before cutting him off.

He says, “(Jackson) called me out of the blue. I’m like: ‘How did you get my number?’ Pretty Mi5. He was like, ‘What’s up? It’s Michael.’

And I was like: ‘Stop playing around dude. Who is this?’ He’s like: ‘It’s Michael, seriously. No one ever believes me.

‘I’m like: ‘Stop playing. I’m hanging up the phone.’ Click!”

And the 32-year-old believes anyone else in his position would act in the same way if Jackson ever called them.

He adds, “If someone rings you up and says it’s Michael, you ain’t gonna believe them because it’s easy to imitate his voice.”

 Source: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212105754.shtml

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