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Andy Lau promotes concert in spaceman outfit

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OCT 24 2007 – ( Hong Kong superstar and Michael Jackson fan Andy Lau promoted his upcoming solo concert a press conference on Monday dressed in a spacesuit.

Andy Lau{tag Andy Lau}, whose concert will begin Dec 21, met with the media to discuss the details after getting out of an imitation spaceship.  Well, at least Lau’s inspired by one of if not the best showmen in the world.

According to, “Many believed the stunt was inspired by Michael Jackson in HIStory tour 1997, since Lau himself is a Jackson fan.” (see Andy Lau promotes concert in spaceman outfit )

The Hong Kong star is a movie actor and producer as well as a successful pop star and composer with a string of Cantonese and Mandarin hits. entries also say he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Most Awards Won by a Canto-Pop Male Artist”.

Lau’s concert “Wonderful World 2007” is scheduled to last for 12 days so far.

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