Rhymefest Channels Michael Jackson On New Mixtape

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rhymefest.jpgWindy City rapper Rhymefest and associate DJ Mark Ronson recently teamed up to release a Michael Jackson homage mixtape, "Man in the Mirror."

The disc features tracks entirely sampled from Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 songs.

"This was very important to me, seeing as how Michael Jackson is responsible for a revolution in music that took place when he dropped a fu*king bomb on the planet called Thriller," Fest wrote on his myspace blog.

The disc was sent out about two weeks ago to Myspacers who asked for it, in exchange for comments and feedback about the music. On his blog, Fest said he’ll make the mixtape available to everyone for free download tomorrow (Jan. 1) but someone beat him to the punch as the disc is already available online now. [Download Here]

Fest relates MJ’s classic album to his own upcoming project.

"It’s only right that I pay homage to the pop equivalent of what EL CHE will bring: ‘the fu*king bomb.’"

The 24-track mixtape, five of them skits, features Ghostface Killah, Mary J. Blige, Talib Kweli, CampLo, Dres and upcoming DC rapper Wale. Producers Emile, 9th Wonder and Best Kept Secret also put their hands in the project.

Fest said he dug in the crates for this one and it’s an original.

"We got Mike jams that you may not even remember, as well as some unreleased sh*t that I know you have never heard before.

"Let it be known," he added. "This is the first dedication album ever made like this. Anybody else who attempts to do it is a fu*kin’ biter."

According to Fest’s myspace blog, his sophomore disc EL CHE is "on the way." No release date has been scheduled as of yet.

Check the mixtape’s complete tracklist below:

  •  The Cipher (Rhymefest & Michael Jackson)
  • Can’t Make It (Rhymefest)
  • "Thriller" Skit
  • Get Up (Rhymefest ft Wale)
  • Dancin’ Machine (The Jackson 5 ft Rhymefest)
  • Flip It Skit
  • Never Can Say Goodbye (Rhymefest ft Talib Kweli) (download)
  • Mike The Mentor (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)
  • No Sunshine (Rhymefest)
  • Caught Up Skit
  • Foolin’ Around (Rhymefest ft Dres)
  • Set The Mood
  • Breakadawn (Rhymefest ft Daniel Merriweather & alpha)
  • Windbreaker Skit
  • Higher Intro
  • Higher (Rhymefest)
  • Mark vs. Mike
  • All That I’ve Got (Rhymefest ft Ghostface Killah & Mary J. Blige)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (Michael Jackson)
  • Sunshine Skit
  • Coolie High (Camp Lo ft Rhymefest)
  • Family Reunion (ft Tito, Randy, Mike & Rhymefest)
  • Much Love Skit
  • Man In The Mirror (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)

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