When and why do you think MJ became controversial?

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This question was posted at mjjc and I thought it was interesting, and I want to get your take about it. While the original questioner had limitations to the question of "controversy", I want everything to be included.

When and why do you think Mike became so "controversial"?

I think he became controversial the minute he started to define himself for himself instead of letting people draw conclusions about who he is.

Michael Jackson has always been Michael Jackson. It cracks me up when people say things like ‘He USED TO be so normal’. Michael Jackson was walking around with a chimp way back in the early 1980s. He’s always had his own way of living his life, but people didn’t see that because he didn’t make any kind of big deal out of it, or they saw it for the harmless situation it is.

It seems like the minute he starts to let people into his life in any substantial way (note that huge Oprah interview in 1993 and again with Bashir), all hell breaks loose.

What has changed most over the years is not Michael Jackson, but rather people’s perceptions of his behavior.

What do you think?

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