BIG Q: What sound do you want to hear on the new album?


I know we are all greatly anticipating new music from the King of Pop.

What sound are you guys looking to hear on Mike’s new album?  Do you want it to be more RnB, less traditional pop? Or more rock?

I want more experimental sounds myself. My musical tastes runs all the way from Mike to Bjork to DBSK (Korean group), so I’m all over the place. I’d love to hear Mike make all kinds of different songs/sounds. 🙂


Post your views on the subject at the MJEOL FORUMS right now! 

What sound are do you want to hear on the new album?

A.H. Sources: Jackson not sick (VIDEOS)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Earlier this week, photos emerged of Michael Jackson being pushed around in a wheelchair. While headlines around the world touted the demise of the King of Pop and suggested that the Gloved One was “retiring” and “sick,” Access Hollywood has the real details.

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