Feds Raid Conrad Murray’s Houston Office


Law enforcement officials have raided the Houston office of the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died.

Officials raided Dr. Conrad Murray’s Armstrong Medical Clinic in Acres Homes Wednesday morning, acting on a search warrant acquired by the LAPD.

Houston police and DEA agents assisted the LAPD with the raid.

Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Houston and Las Vegas, was with Jackson when the 50-year-old pop star suddenly went into cardiac arrest in his rented Los Angeles home last month.


Leonard Rowe Fired by Jackson in May 2009 MiniB#75

Last night (July 20 2009) on CNN’s Larry King Live a concert promoter by the name of Leonard Rowe appeared on the show claiming to have a close relationship to Michael Jackson for 30 years. He also alleged Jackson didn’t want to do 50 shows in London and had no idea what his deal with AEG entailed.

He made a number of allegations which, regardless of whether they’re true or not, made him look irresponsible and dubious.

At some point apparently Rowe claimed to have been working for Jackson at the time of his death. However, a letter has surfaced showing the singer supposedly rethought letting Rowe into his inner circle.


Michael Jackson Makes History On Euro Charts

In a history-making week on Billboard’s European Top 100 Albums, Michael Jackson holds down a spectacular eight of the top ten titles. Meanwhile, “When Love Takes Over” (Positiva/EMI) by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland starts a second week atop European Hot 100 Singles.

Jackson’s domination also represents a near-lockout of the pan-European top ten for Epic/Sony Music Entertainment, in which last year’s “King of Pop” compilation again comes out on top. It leads the way in no fewer than eight markets, holding at No. 1 in Germany and Austria, moving 77-1 in the Belgian region of Flanders, 6-1 in neighboring Wallony, 13-1 in Poland, 3-1 in Holland and 2-1 in Switzerland and Spain. It’s top five in five other territories.

michael jackson mj_008

Jackson still king of album charts

michael jackson mj_008
Michael Jackson has sold 2.3 million CDs since he died three weeks ago.

Grieving fans and those just wanting to hear his music again have snapped up his albums, including “Thriller” and “Number Ones” – his greatest-hits collection.

Last week, 1.1 million copies of his albums were sold, according to sales figures from Nielsen SoundScan.


Debbie Rowe’s Shocking Custody Emails

Rebecca White, a close friend of Debbie Rowe, is opening up exclusively to “Extra” about emails written by Rowe to White regarding the custody of Michael Jackson’s children, sent just days after Jackson’s death.

“I know she’s seeking custody of the children,” Rebecca reveals. “I think she wants the best for the children.”

In an email dated July 2, 2009, Rowe’s writing suggests that she appears to be conflicted about going after her biological children — Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11. “I’m not going after custody,” Debbie writes to Rebecca. “These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael’s. I was Michael’s best friend.”


CNN: Jackson Media Coverage Criticized – MiniB#74 UPDATE

{xtypo_dropcap}D{/xtypo_dropcap}espite the way their own network has participated in adding dubious allegations into the mix, a panel on Larry King Live last night criticized the media coverage surrounding Michael Jackson’s passing.

Those who complain about the amount of coverage given to Jackson’s death are missing the point. It is not the amount of coverage but rather the type of coverage which is drawing the ire of fan and non-fan alike.

Much of the story right now is unknown. The only fact we know for sure is that 50 year old Michael Jackson is no longer walking the earth. Everything else is total conjecture laced with rumors wrapped in unfounded nonsense.

And why is the tv coverage saturated with shrill harpies, hangers-on, and those who want to jumpstart their careers by entering into the fray with a bunch of hateful accusations seemingly pulled directly out of their arse?  I know that last description sounds like Gerald Posner but stay with me for a minute. geragos01

Geragos: Saw no Evidence of Jackson Med Abuse – MiniB#73 geragos01
Attorney Mark Geragos who represented Michael Jackson for about 18 months after Jackson was falsely accused of molestation in 2003 told CNN’s Larry King he saw no evidence of prescription pill abuse.

Geragos appeared on Larry King Live July 10 calling Jackson “always engaged in his defense.”

“I didn’t see any evidence of what’s almost become I think a way a caricature of who he was,” Geragos said.

Geragos called a lot of the Jackson banter “speculation” saying, “I think a lot of it is speculation and I’m not so sure that a lot of the people who are out there saying certain things are actually telling the truth as they know it.” mj_007

AH: Raymone Bain Saw Nothing Amiss with Jackson – MiniB#72 mj_007
Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain appeared on Access Hollywood July 9 to speak to some of the false and unsubstantiated rumors floating around about the singer’s death.

Bain said she saw nothing amiss with Jackson when she was around him.

No. Absolutely not. Nothing. Absolutely not. And if we had, we would have sought some kind of assistance or/and we would have immediately contacted his family about that,” Bain told AH’s Billy Bush.


Homicide not ruled out by LAPD in death of Michael Jackson – MiniB#71

LA Police Chief Bill Bratton has not ruled out homicide in the death of Michael Jackson.

In an interview Thursday the chief said, “Are we dealing with homicide? Are we dealing with an accidental overdose?  What are we dealing with?  So as we are standing here speaking, I can tell you, I don’t have that information.”

At this late date, the fact that they haven’t ruled out homicide may be quite telling. At this point, anything can happen. If toxicology reports are contradictory to the rumors and speculation about why Jackson died, the police would be stupid to rule anything out at this point.