CA Atty Gen Launches Investigation Into Jackson Death

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After the Coroner’s office released the official cause of Michael Jackson’s death Friday (Aug 28 2009), the California Attorney General has launched an independent investigation into the case.  The Coroner found Jackson’s main cause of death is “acute propofol toxicity” which, experts say, points the finger directly at Murray.

A.G. Jerry Brown released a statement saying that the LAPD asked Brown’s agents to initiate an investigation into “several” doctors whose names came up during the course of the Jackson death investigation.

From the press release:

Responding to a request from the LAPD, agents from my office will investigate several physicians whose names have come up in the course of the Michael Jackson death inquiry.

Reports say that police met with Bureau of Narcotics and Drug Enforcement Administration representatives on August 20 2009 about this issue. 

Contrary to unsubstantiated reports, it appears there were no illegal or illicit drugs in Jackson’s system, according to the Coroner’s statement. The Coroner found that propofol along with lorazepam (ativan) were the primary cause of death.

The only medications listed as being found in Jackson’s system were: propofol, lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine.

Other reports state that police have either already turned over or plan to turn over the case to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution.

Conrad Murray has admitted to administering the medications found in Michael Jackson’s system.  However, the information released earlier in an unsealed search warrant by police mostly covers only what Murray told police.

In other words, the timeline and order of administration of the medication is only based on Murray’s word, as far as the public is aware.

Investigators would certainly want to find out if too much medication was given in a shorter period of time than what Murray admitted to. 

Authorities are already suspicious of Murray when they found out he was on a cellphone from 11:18AM to 12:05PM during the time after he claims he started administering propofol to Jackson via I.V. drip.

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