Major Bombshells, Evasive Answers, & Odd Behavior– MB #200

Major Bombshells, Evasive Answers, & Odd Behavior – MJEOL Bullet #200 Accusers mother seemed to have something to hide says certain courtroom observers The hearing held September 17 2004 provided a glimpse into the Michael Jackson “case” that many have not been privy to. Aside from learning that school officials send out deputies to pick up a large number of fans who skip school to see and support Michael Jackson, we learned a LOT of information during the hearing. Most importantly, for the first time, the public saw the accuser’s mother unsuccessfully try to talk her way out of very serious situations with far reaching implications. While some anti-Jackson media nuts were making jokes about Jackson, other people were watching the mother intently.

The accuser’s mother seemed to have terminal cases of selective memory, evasiveness and combativeness. She not only didn’t want to answer questions, but took every opportunity to try to distract from the issue. The theme, according to courtroom observers, was ‘I don’t know’; that is, when she wasn’t asking Mesereau to repeat the question for the 6th or 7th time.

Wrapping herself around being chosen by God, she responded to very tough questions by Tom Mesereu, Jackson’s defense attorney by telling what some observers call “obvious lies”.

At issue during the hearing was whether she knew private investigator Brad Miller worked for then-Jackson attorney Mark Geragos. If you’ll remember, previous reports from some prosecution-apologists claimed she had no idea who worked for whom and simply assumed Miller was part of Jackson’s security team. Well, we found out in court last week that this is not true.

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Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past – MJEOL Bullet #99 REPOST

Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past – MJEOL Bullet #99 REPOST Given current revelations about the accuser’s mother’s past, which includes once accusing her ex-husband of sexually molesting the accuser and falsely imprisoning them, it seems appropriate that we recap what other people have had to say about this family.

In March 2004, NBC did an interview with the attorney who represented JCPenney in a lawsuit filed against them by this very same family.

In a stunning development yesterday (March 4), the attorney who represented JCPenney in a court case involving the family now accusing Jackson, released over 100 pages of documents from that case, and blasted the mother’s motives both in their case and in the Jackson case (see transcript from replay of report).

The attorney, Tom Griffin, was interviewed by NBC’s Mike Taibbi, the same reporter who broke the story about Richard Matsuura totally blasting the defamatory Vanity Fair article about Jackson in which Matsuura is cited as one of the children allegedly “given wine by Jackson” (see Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article-Bullet #89).

Tom Griffin calls what the mother did to JCPenney a “shakedown”. What was a small altercation with security—after some of the family members were actually caught outside of the store with “an arm full of shoplifted clothes”–turned into a $3 million lawsuit.

The family claimed they were beaten severely in broad daylight by security to the extent where they all had broken bones. As of now, it is unknown if any medical records exist of the family’s alleged beating by store security. Griffin says there was absolutely nothing to backup their claims.

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Accuser’s Mother Combative, Caught on Tape Being Told Miller was PI for Geragos

Accuser’s Mother Combative, Caught on Tape Being Told Miller was PI for Geragos CORRECTION Mother has a history of accusing people of abuse and false imprisonment The fur was flying in court today as two very important points were made during a hearing in the Michael Jackson “case”. We learned that the mother was very evasive and combative on the witness stand. It was brought out in court that the private investigator, Brad Miller, specifically told her who he worked for, and that it was caught on tape.

We also learned that the mother was seeking a “settlement” of some kind with Jackson–even hiring an attorney and a private investigator to look for info on him–before she had ever met him.

In court today, Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau was questioning the mother as to whether or not she knew Miller was working for Geragos. She, at one point, even argued with herself about what was said; commenting that just because the official court transcript had one thing, that doesn’t mean she actually said it. Yeah right.

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