Part 2: Astonishing Jackson Trial Discussion w/ Mesereau – MB#290

Part 2: Astonishing Jackson Trial Discussion w/ Mesereau – MB#290 Part 2 | Part 1 DECEMBER 7 2005 — Discussed in Part 1 of this special MJEOL Bullet was attorney Thomas Mesereau’s comments at Nov 29 2005 Harvard Law School discussion panel about the Michael Jackson trial. Aside from his stunning information about the 1993 accuser, he also criticized the media coverage of the trial. The criticism was not taken well by the rather peevish TV host Dan Abrams (MSNBC). When he wasn’t rocking back and forth in his chair as if dispensing the wisdom of the universe, he was making some of the most asinine comments I have ever heard, probably spurred by the way Mesereau blasted the press in general. Had the media accurately and thoroughly covered this trial there wouldn’t have been a need for the MJEOL Bullets which you, dear reader, have been reading since the Nov 18 2003 invasion of Neverland.

Michael Jackson reveals new single releases

[b]Michael Jackson reveals new single releases[/b] 6 Dec 2005 The star to drop 20 Dual Disc singles next year. Michael Jackson has revealed details of an audacious singles release package for 2006. The global superstar, who has sought refuge from media attention in the Gulf States since the summer, will release 20 of his biggest singles from January to May 2006 on the new dual disc format. According to his label, the release will be the first time an artist has ever used Dual Disc, which contains two sides of audio and video, for a single release.

CBS News Transcript: Gary Dunalp 12-18-03

Copyright 2003 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved CBS News Transcripts [b]December 18, 2003 Thursday[/b] Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon JULIE CHEN, co-host: As we’ve been reporting, child molestation charges are expected to be filed today against Michael Jackson. Tom Sneddon has been the district attorney in Santa Barbara, California, for more than 20 years and plans to personally try the case. EARLY SHOW national correspondent Hattie Kauffman has more on the veteran prosecutor. Mr. JERRY ROBERTS (Editor, Santa Barbara News-Press): Yeah. I think people do feel that he is a man on a mission. You know, this is going to be the signature case of his career. HATTIE KAUFFMAN reporting:

Stunning Revelations about 1993 Accuser via Mesereau – MB #289

Stunning Revelations about 1993 Accuser via Mesereau – MB #289
DECEMBER 2 2005 – There were astonishing revelations from Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau about the 1993 accuser ( Jordan Chandler ). Appearing at a conference at Harvard University’s Austin Hall to talk about the Jackson trial, Mesereau was asked a question from an audience member about alleged “prior bad acts” (1108 evidence) and if it was possible to make the first 1993 accuser testify at the past trial.

FBI, IRS search Geoffrey Fieger’s Southfield office

Whispernote: Fieger was a vocal talking head who was very hateful towards Jackson during the trial. He leveled personal and unprofessional insults about his looks and claimed it would get Jackson convicted.

[b]FBI, IRS search Geoffrey Fieger’s Southfield office[/b] 12/1/2005, 12:49 a.m. ET The Associated Press SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) — FBI and IRS agents searched the offices of prominent personal injury lawyer and Democratic state attorney general hopeful Geoffrey Fieger on Wednesday night. Fieger became famous for representing assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian and more recently has been known for winning multimillion-dollar awards for medical malpractice and other injury claimants. The search began about 7 p.m. and finished about four hours later as agents loaded boxes from the offices into a car and a truck, WXYZ-TV reported. An FBI spokesman would not comment on the reason for the search. “All I can tell you is I will confirm that were are executing a search warrant here, the FBI and IRS, at the law firm,” Special Agent John Gillies said as he stood outside the suburban Detroit location. Messages seeking comment were left with Fieger’s office, home and cell phone numbers Thursday shortly after midnight.