Julio Avila: Accuser’s brother had porn mags – History Highlight

According to a new document, the prosecution is trying to keep Julio Avila off the stand. Avila had some very interesting things to say about the accuser and his brother. Avila, in charge of operating the Neverland amusement park rides, was there when the Arvizo family visited the ranch. He says he observed both Star and Gavin Arvizo on several occasions. Avila says at one point, Gavin Arvizo told him that people at school were making fun of him and that Jackson was letting the family stay at the ranch so they could get away from harassment. Also from Avila’s declaration:

During their stay at the ranch, Star Arvizo wrote the words “You suck [d_ck]” on a wall in one of the control rooms in the park. Star also brought pornographic magazines to the park. I saw him bring a pornographic magazine to the park that he had hidden inside his pants. Star hid his pornographic magazines in various areas of the park, including inside the control box of the park stereo.

This porn magazine corroborates the testimony from M. Gomez who says during their stay at Neverland while she was cleaning the guest suite to which the accuser and brother were assigned, she saw pornographic magazines in a backpack she says belonged to Star Arvizo. This is certainly far from the picture prosecutors and the accuser’s themselves tried to paint. They testified the only time they’ve seen pornographic magazines is when Jackson allegedly showed them and that the only time they were involved with alcohol is when Jackson allegedly gave it to them. Obviously the jury may not longer find either of their testimonies credible. Here are the image scans:

Trial Review: Testimony of Brother Filled with Inconsistencies – MB#293

Trial Review: Testimony of Brother Filled with Inconsistencies & Illogical Allegations – MB #293 DECEMBER 27 2005 – Continuing our look back at the Michael Jackson trial, MJEOL comes to the testimony of the accuser’s brother, Star Arvizo (Star A.). The younger Arvizo alleged to have witnessed sexual abuse, twice, against his brother. His alleged eye witness accounts seemed, to many, to be a bit too coincidental upon first hearing about them in various media reports. As with the accuser’s sister (Davellin Arvizo), having the brother back up some of the allegations is a form of built-in corroboration…if you want to believe the tall-tale.

Palanker Posts Pics of Accuser and Brother – MiniBullet#23

Palanker Posts Pics of Accuser and Brother – MiniBullet#23 DECEMBER 25 2005 — Wow. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Louise Palanker reportedly is a “family friend” to the Arvizo family – the family who leveled what the jury found to be false allegations against Michael Jackson. Called “weezy” by those who are apparently close to her, she posted pictures of the Arvizo boys, Gavin Arvizo and Star Arvizo, on her web blog. I will not link to her ridiculous site so as not to increase her traffic from here. To the right, you will find a screenshot of her web blog about that entry. However, this does present a problem of hypocrisy. There was a minor brouhaha about a satirical website posting photos of Gavin Arvizo. According to the website, they were only posting photos which were already available publicly.

Trial Review: The Evasive Davellin Arvizo & Shocking Defense Info – MB #292

Trial Review: The Evasive Davellin Arvizo & Shocking Defense Info – MB #292 DECEMBER 23 2005 – MJEOL is continuing its look back at the Michael Jackson trial and providing details which have often gone unreported by the general media. The vapid and shallow-assed “review” segments about this “case” thus far often highlighted such incidences as Jackson showing up one day in his pajamas; as if it had an affect AT ALL on the jury’s decision or the bombshells dropped by the defense. I suppose its too painful for many slobbering media bosses to take a look back at the way millions of dollars were snatched from their grasp as 14 not guilty verdicts were read; each not guilty cutting like a knife through the heart of dozens of opportunistic producers, executives, editors, fame-chasing media whores and glorified tabloid reporters. Like so many witnesses, Davellin Arvizo’s (Davellin A.) testimony was just as revealing. And according to other information dug up by the defense, she may have committed perjury on the stand. She also seemed to have stock-answers which she used to avoid answering questions.

Trial Review: Martin Bashir, Ann Kite not Exactly Stellar Witnesses – MB #291

Trial Review: Martin Bashir, Ann Kite not Exactly Stellar Prosecution Witnesses – MB #291

DECEMBER 21 2005 — What a year we’ve all seen in the world of Michael Jackson! The end of this year shows certain members of the media continuing to nurse their depression with odd, unconfirmed and sketchy stories of Jackson’s current child custody situation, while simultaneously dreaming…hoping…praying for his financial ruin.

The world didn’t end on Dec 20 like some had predicted. One cause of that despair, the trial, started at the end of February 2005 and ended in June with a full acquittal for Jackson on every lame, logically ridiculous and physically impossible allegation brought against him.

I’m going to take a few moments to intro our trial review before getting into the actual testimony. For at least 2 years, we witnessed the maligning of his integrity, his innocence, his dignity, and his humanity.

So it was probably a big shock to these media outlets to also witness his defense team knocking-down every absurd allegation leveled against him by a set of vindictive prosecutors and the crooks who they wholeheartedly believed.