Man guilty in Jackson case living it up

[b]Man guilty in Jackson case living it up[/b] LOS ANGELES – A businessman sentenced to home detention for conspiring to videotape Michael Jackson illegally is doing his time at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey. Jeffrey Borer, sentenced in October for conspiring to sell a videotape of Jackson in 2003 when the pop singer faced child molestation charges, has been paying his debt to society with access to a harbor-side pool and restaurant, two tennis courts and a spa.

Michael Jackson back in U.S.; next stop, Japan

[b]Michael Jackson back in U.S.; next stop, Japan[/b] January 26, 2007 BY ERIC TALMADGE Associated Press TOKYO—- Since Michael Jackson forsook his Neverland Ranch, the King of Pop has popped up in some very unexpected places. He’s taken up residence in the Gulf state of Bahrain, in France and even in a castle in Ireland. He showed up in Augusta, Ga., to give a eulogy at James Brown’s funeral, and materialized in London to accept an award for his contributions to the world of pop music. Lately he’s been spotted in Las Vegas on his famed shopping sprees. So where is he now? In a rare conference call, the singer

Mesereau blasts tabloids over Jackson trial coverage

[b]Mesereau blasts tabloids over Jackson trial coverage[/b] DAWN HOBBS, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER January 19, 2007 7:23 AM In his first visit to Santa Barbara since winning the Michael Jackson trial in 2005, Thomas Mesereau spoke to a group of about 200 people Thursday evening about the media’s role in high-profile cases. The audience was riveted as the distinguished criminal defense lawyer discussed how trial coverage has become an important part of American society, using elements of the Jackson case — the most covered criminal trial in history — to make his points.

Michael Jackson’s ex-lawyer calls secret taping ‘distressing’

[b]Michael Jackson’s ex-lawyer calls secret taping ‘distressing'[/b] LOS ANGELES: Michael Jackson’s former lawyer testified he went to “almost paranoid lengths” to guard his client’s privacy after Jackson was secretly taped on a private jet headed to Santa Barbara to surrender in a child-molestation investigation. Attorney Mark Geragos, who accompanied Jackson on the plane, is suing jet company XtraJet over the November 2003 taping. Testifying on Tuesday in the non-jury trial, Geragos called the taping one of the worst experiences of his 24-year legal career. He said he obtained a court order preventing XtraJet’s then-owner, Jeffrey Borer, from selling the footage after learning of it through the media.

Jackson Sues Jet Company?

[b]JACKSON SUES JET COMPANY[/b] Opening statements began yesterday (22JAN07) in a non-jury trial involving a lawsuit filed by pop star MICHAEL JACKSON against a charter jet company. The THRILLER singer is suing Xtra Jet, alleging employees of the company secretly taped him and his attorney while they were on a flight to Santa Barbara, California in 2003.

Art Montandon Moves On

[b]John Sterling, Art Montandon move on[/b] The rest of the story Catch up with five years’ worth of news BY SUN STAFF [b]Date: 03/31/2005[/b] The last time the Sun sat down with either former Santa Maria City Attorney Art Montandon or former Santa Maria Police Chief John Sterling, we had a tangled web on our hands. Suffice it to say that this web spanned two cities between 1996 and early 2004 and involved a purported videotape, a massage parlor, the District Attorney, alleged bribes, and other conspiracy theories. (To read the whole story, which ran on Jan. 29, 2004, visit Santa Maria has picked up the pieces after both Sterling and Montandon retired from their positions-Sterling in mid 2003 and Montandon in late 2004.

Statement Re: Pharmacy Lawsuit – Raymone Bain

As if we needed more proof that Jackson’s bills weren’t getting paid by the accountants who were in charge of handling his finances, word came today that a lawsuit was filed against Jackson resulting from such neglect. Almost as quickly, a statement came from Jackson’s team confirming that the issue has already been resolved. :nav [url=]Discuss this topic here[/url]

[b]RESPONSE TO LAWSUIT FILED BY G&J GROSS, INC. DBA MIKEY FINE PHARMACY AGAINST MICHAEL JACKSON[/b] Washington, D.C. ….. Regarding your inquiries about an action filed by G & J Gross, Inc., DBA Mikey Fine Pharmacy against Michael Jackson: the issue has been amicably resolved. Mikey Fine Pharmacy has been paid. This action related to the administration of Mr. Jackson’s finances, which has been transitioned away from Mr. Jackson’s former business managers.