Jackson Goes Rumor Hunting, Smacks Down False Claims – MiniBullet#31

Jackson Goes Rumor Hunting, Smacks Down False Claims – MiniBullet#31

Feb 28 2007 – Be verwwy verwwy quiet…Michael Jackson is hunting down false wumors!  

As an answer to a number of false or exaggerated rumors swirling around in the press, yesterday (Feb 27) came a press release from {tag Raymone Bain} laying the smack down to that slew of false rumors about Jackson’s current and future plans.

If you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed certain members of the media taking the lull of Jackson news as an opportunity to spread a number of false claims as if they were fact.  

I suppose a number of news outlets aren’t tired of looking stupid just yet, so Bain was much obliged to help them out.

Certain online and offline media entities which recently wrote and/or carried garbage-articles about Jackson being broke enough to consider a reunion tour, or desperately trying to sell a show in Vegas, figuratively got slapped across the face yesterday.

‘Dumb’ DJ Causes Fury over Lame Prank – MiniBullet#30

[b]’Dumb’ DJ Causes Fury over Lame Prank – MiniBullet#30[/b] Feb 24 2007 – Who ever thinks that your age makes you an adult apparently had their theories tested by a dumbass DJ who took it upon himself to tell thousands of listeners that Michael Jackson had died in Las Vegas.

When it comes to Michael Jackson, there are really two main things which can set off fury not only among the Jackson fanbase, but among the general public as well. One is to be caught lying about being molested by him. The other is to pull a prank which involves spreading the lie that he’s dead. Concerning the latter blasphemous action, maybe DJ Double J from KWIN in California didn’t get that text message because his ass announced on the air that Jackson had died in Las Vegas.

Off The Record: Michael Jackson’s new track is online at MySpace

Off the record: David Smyth By David Smyth, Evening Standard 23.02.07 Returning from exile: Michael Jackson’s new track is online at MySpace

MJEOL NOTE: Raymone Bain released a statement on behalf of Jackson saying that this isn’t a “new” song. Read here

… A new track, No Friend of Mine (Gangsta), has appeared online at the MySpace home of a producer called Tempamental. It’s unclear whether the track is meant for Jackson’s first album since 2001’s … Invincible, or the new album by former Fugee Pras Michel, who also raps on it, but either way it’s not half bad. It’s concise at just over three minutes, and sounds current with staccato piano, hip hop beats and squalling horns.

LA judge says London woman can’t intervene in Jackson custody

[b]LA judge says London woman can’t intervene in Jackson custody[/b] Feb 21 2007 Associated Press LOS ANGELES – A London woman who claims she is the real mother of Michael Jackson’s three children cannot intervene in the pop star’s custody settlement with his ex-wife, a judge ruled Wednesday. Nona Paris Lola Jackson, 36, filed a motion in October demanding a role in the custody settlement between the singer and Deborah Rowe. Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider denied the motion in November and again on Wednesday, saying she had failed to properly notify Jackson and Rowe of her claims.

Michael Jackson takes kids to Magic Finale

[b]MICHAEL JACKSON TAKES KIDS TO MAGIC FINALE[/b] Michael Jackson can’t get enough magic. Jackson, accompanied by his children and two bodyguards, slipped into the World Magic Seminar Show today at the Orleans Showroom. It was the final day for the seminar which featured a two-hour show and awards ceremony.

UPDATE: Rolling Stone’s Hateful Jab at Jackson is Pathetic – MiniBullet #29

Rolling Stone’s Hateful Jab at Jackson is Pathetic – MiniBullet #29 FEB 20 2007 – The vapid and irrelevant music mag Rolling Stone reportedly has an ad with a picture of a kid holding onto a sequined-gloved hand along with the subtitle “Rolling Stone. Where music and sex coexist.” It’s an obvious and rather hackneyed jab at Michael Jackson. After I threw up in my mouth a little, I realized how pathetic the ad was. A few losers may find it “cute” and “hip”, but many find it tasteless and simply ridiculous. According to [url=http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/rolling_stone_magazine_music]Adsoftheworld’s website[/url], the ad was part of a campaign created by DDB Brazil, an agency in São Paulo, Brazil. The once-useful magazine didn’t use the iconic image of any other music star that was actually guilty, and found to be guilty, of such illegal behavior in a court of law. Exactly how desperate for ideas does one have to be in order to use innuendo about sex with kids for an ad?

Setting the Record Straight About Michael Jackson and ‘American Idol’

[b]Setting the Record Straight About Michael Jackson and ‘American Idol'[/b] Posted Feb 16th 2007 11:50AM by Robin Leach Filed under: Celebrity, Luxe Life, Breaking News New York newspapers this morning are reporting that Michael Jackson left it too late to get front-row celebrity seats for Sunday’s All-Star NBA game. Michael hasn’t confirmed the story, but we can tell you that court side on Sunday you will see singers Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, Nelly and actors Penny Marshall, Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Michael Jackson and Simon Fuller apparently not talking about While on the subject of Michael, I must set the record straight. Reality TV Magazine totally misquoted and mis-represented my recent LUXE LIFE Michael Jackson story about his dinner with ‘American Idol’ creator Simon Fuller.

Robin Leach Luxlife: Michael Jackson in Las Vegas

LuxLife: Robin Leach Posted Feb 16th 2007 6:00AM by Robin Leach Filed under: Nightlife, Celebrity, Luxe Life, Sports & Rec Michael Jackson in Las Vegas Ever since our LUXE LIFE exclusive interview with Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has begun to appear more and more often as he gets comfortable in his new home here in Las Vegas. This week, proving his love for Asian culinary delicacies, he hit two of our famous dining spots.

Jackson Not Idol-bound Despite Rumors – MiniBullet #28

[b]Jackson Not Idol-bound Despite Rumors – MiniBullet #28[/b] Feb 16 2007 – Despite the currently circulating rumors, Michael Jackson has confirmed that he will not appear on this season’s American Idol. According to [url=https://site2.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2202]Access Hollywood[/url], Raymone Bain says, “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Michael Jackson is going to appear on ‘American Idol.” Bain goes on to say, “He has signed no agreements with anyone.” What is it about an unconfirmed Jackson story that certain segments of the media can’t seem to ignore until it’s been verified? Without any confirmation of this story to begin with, Countdown’s ‘too-cool-for-school’ local smart-ass Keith Olbermann took the opportunity during [url=http://community.mjeol.com/showthread.php?t=9365]his show yesterday (Feb 14 2007)[/url] to rag on Jackson’s rumored involvement.