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Did Certain Family Members Cut off Katherine Jackson’s Communication with Michael Jackson Kids? MJEOL Bullet #340

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Although I have SERIOUS problems with taking to Twitter to handle personal family issues, something has become perfectly clear.  To paraphrase the comedic character ‘Madea’ (Tyler Perry): Michael Jackson didn’t raise no punks.  

The Jackson children have been very outspoken lately concerning the issue of them not being able to directly contact their grandmother and former legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, over a week.  TJ Jackson, Tito’s 34 year old son, has been named temporary guardian while Katherine Jackson was in the wind.


Katherine Jackson is apparently OK, Photo shows Matriarch Relaxing

Well what the hell was that all about? That thought is probably going through the minds of some of you after seeing a photograph of the head of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson, relaxing and playing UNO with her daughter Rebbie and other family members in Arizona.

X17online posted a photo of Katherine Jackson visiting her granddaughter Stacy and grandson London after somebody got the family and the media all hot and bothered about Mrs. Jackson being missing.