Bashir A Blackmailer: Newspaper Scan

I have added the actual newspaper scan of the article where Martin Bashir is outed as a blackmailer and a liar. Click the thread: [url=][img][/img][/url] :document[url=] Bashir A Blackmailer[/url] :chairbeat

Story On Media’s Lack Of Humanity

:announce This is an excerpt from the latest out of [b]MJFC[/b] (by way of MJJF): [quote] Despite a lack of support from the major U. S. media outlets, one journalists’ bold and timely story on the lack of humanity displayed in the media using the recent attacks on entertainer Michael Jackson as an example is generating overwhelming response both domestically and internationally. Audiences in Israel, South Africa, Great Britain and Italy, as well as the United States, have contacted the writer in a show of support. …DeBorah B. Pryor, who had all but retired from her career as a journalist nearly two years ago to work in the field of education, [wrote an article entitled [i]Will Humanity Ever Visit the MediaOne Journalist Speaks Out on the Attempts to Castrate Michael Jackson[/i]. [The article ]became the hot topic from college campuses to chat rooms after being picked up by Infotainment publisher Lee Bailey, whose popular, daily E-zine, Electronic Urban Report (EUR), positioned the piece in a prominent guest editorial spot with its own link. “DeBorah’s story on Michael and the bigger story of the lack of humanity in a lot of reporting by the media, immediately made sense to me. It was a point of view that I wanted to pass on to our readers,” concludes Bailey.[/quote] Click ‘read more’ to read full article !

Toure, A True Brotha or a Sell Out?

[b]Toure (A Featured Writer on Rolling Stone Magazine) A True Brotha or a Sell Out? Tuesday March 11 , 2003[/b] by Bee [img][/img] An Artist’s rendition of this clown. He is the voice of the black community. Yea right! (FOX) I recently saw this “brotha” on the Television shows “Dateline Continue Reading

LTTW back at MJJF posting info on MJ – interesting

This is the latest post from him: [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 01:04 PM The music is done and ready. The only thing holding it up is finally signing off on who is going to push it and how. The recent re-org (not as recent as it is being reported, I alluded to it in January, before the Bashir interview) has gone a long way to enable finalization of plans. On the legal, and PR, side a much more aggresive and pro-active policy is in place. The words ZERO TOLERANCE are now the mantra. For example Vanity Fair have been told in no uncertain term if they push forward with their pieces we’ll demolish them.[/quote] [quote]LookingThroughTheWindow Posted: Mar 9 2003, 02:01 PM Yep, there is more… A watershed has been reached where Mike has decided enough is enough. The changes that are going on are a reflection of the people that are needed to carry out a plan. The plan? Simple. To realize the ambition for Mike to have, this year, a No1 single, a No1 Album and to realize the best tour humanly possible. Anyone who wants to stand in the way of that or deson’t feel that vision is excess baggage. With reference to the media if someone tries to kick Mike down they are going to find five of us kicking them back. Someone goes after him we will ALL go after them. No holds barred. We tried of seeing Mike and his family hurt, the fans hurt and the belief of a few that they think they can destroy his legacy. This is a complete sea change in the way matters are going, indeed are, being handled. Beacuse when you back someone into a corner they only way to come out is fighting. [/quote] Click ‘Read More’ to read the rest.