Michael Jackson wants to move on: Auction Coordinator

According to, the head of the auction house coordinating the auction of Jackson memorabilia says Michael Jackson “wants to move on to the next chapter in his life”.

Some 2,000 personal items will go up for auction in April which includes furniture, movie memorabilia, sculptures, fine art, costumes and even the gates of Neverland Ranch.

Items will be show in Dublin from March 6-22 and in New York from March 24-30.

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Auction Handlers Refute Jackson Reports – MiniB#65

Darren Julien, the president of the auction house handling the auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia, is refuting reports that Jackson is being forced into it.

Reports circulating online are full of two things: one of those things is rank speculation as to why the King of Pop has decided to auction off stuff some of those same people previously ridiculed.

Remember all those criticisms during the infamous ‘Bashir documentary’ about Jackson’s so-called “gaudy” style after looky-loos got a load of the contents of Neverland? All those paintings, statues, and expensive vases drew the sharp tongues and furrowed brows of serial-complainers.

Now Jackson is getting rid of what may have turned into unneeded baggage since he hasn’t lived in Neverland for years. Cue the sharp tongues and furrowed brows!

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Rihanna: Rihanna was left with “horrific” injuries by Chris Brown

The ‘Umbrella’ singer was left with facial injuries following an argument last week in which her boyfriend reportedly punched her in the face, causing swelling to her forehead and a split lip, as well as biting her on the arm.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene of the accident – which Chris fled from – but police took pictures which have been described as “devastating proof of abuse”. A source said: “She looked like a martial arts fighter. Her injuries were bad.”

It is now believed it was not Rihanna who called police, but a passer-by who heard shouting coming from 19-year-old Chris’ car. The altercation happened after the pair were seen arguing at a pre-Grammy awards party in California on Saturday. A source said: “Inside the party they were very lovey-dovey, but later on they were arguing.

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Harpies find New Jackson Target: Health – MiniB#64

After the repeated reports and predictions about Michael Jackson’s finances either proved to be flat-out lies or full of inaccuracies, the media have found a new issue for which to speculate: Jackson’s health.

Another dose of ‘Jackson is dying’ reports are making the rounds from tabloid sources. This time he supposedly has a superbug staph infection … or an infected face?…. Or was it an infected nose?

This is the latest in a series of hatefully speculative reports which are unconfirmed, but are being picked up by so-called reputable news agencies anyway. Surely they can’t be so desperate for Jackson news that they would grab at anything as long as it has ‘Michael Jackson’ in the headline? Wrong.

MJ Feb 2009

Back in December an alleged author, who some say wanted to get attention for an unauthorized biography of the King of Pop, claimed Jackson had emphysema and a rare genetic illness; oh yeah, and he supposedly need a transplant to live… blah, blah, blah (see Jackson Health Rumors a Total Fabrication).

The story turned out to be a steaming pile of crap.

Every news agency and online blog with more than 3 visitors picked up the story without asking how this guy would know Jackson’s current health status; without asking or receiving any type of verification for it. But the story(ies) traveled all over the world almost without a single question.

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