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LA Times: Lawyer says No Demerol Injection or OxyContin Given to Jackson

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A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s personal physician said today that reports that the doctor injected the pop star with a powerful painkiller before his death were “absolutely false.”

“There was no Demerol. No OxyContin,” Edward Chernoff, the attorney for Dr. Conrad Murray, told The Times.

The lawyer, who was present Saturday for Murray’s three-hour interview with Los Angeles police detectives, said Jackson was already unconscious when the doctor “fortuitously” entered the bedroom of the performer’s Holmby Hills mansion.

The 50-year-old entertainer “wasn’t breathing. He checked for a pulse. There was a weak pulse in his femoral artery. He started administering CPR,” said Chernoff, a Houston criminal defense attorney.

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CNN: 90% of Chinese think Jackson is Innocent – MiniB#69

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CNN reporter Emily Chang filed a report from Beijing after the death of Michael Jackson.  Chang was reporting from a music store in China as employees were setting up a display for Michael Jackson.

Near the end of her report, Chang talked about a poll taken of Chinese people during the time Jackson was tried, and later acquitted in 2005, after false charges of child molestation were leveled against him.


Mashable: Major Perez Hilton Backlash after Jackson Rpt

Earlier today we mentioned the role of social media in distributing news of tragic deaths, including those of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett today. The LA Times, we noted, is frequently being cited as a source of the Jackson news, and yet the blog TMZ.com appears to have confirmed the story much earlier.

Meanwhile, opportunists sprung upon the news to spread false rumors of other celebrity deaths, a situation that could once again give fuel to the argument that social media is not trustworthy.


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Bearden: Michael in Top Physical Shape for Tour – MiniB#68

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According to a radio interview on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York, musician Michael Bearden says Michael Jackson was in top physical shape for the London concert dates.

Bearden was one of the many musicians working with Jackson for months in preparation for the ‘This Is It’ set of concert dates which were scheduled to begin in July.

Just about everyone who was around Michael Jackson in the final weeks and months of his life have all confirmed that, unlike the recent reports of frail health from those with shady motives, the King of Pop was prepared and excited to get the show on the road.

Sources who heard the interview report that Bearden was very upset, as are so many millions of people around the world.

Bearden, who said he was working with Michael for three months on the tour, also said Jackson was intelligent, and that he (Bearden) had no idea where so many false stories about Jackson came about.

MTV Comes Clean about Artist of the Millennium Award?

Years after denying it and making hateful jokes about it, someone at MTV is apparently trying to come clean by admitting — in a nondirect, cowardly way — that the late Michael Jackson did receive the “Artist of the Millennium” award in 2002.

The caption (see screenshot) underneath a picture of Michael Jackson that night reads: “Britney Spears presents Michael Jackson with the Artist of the Millennium Award at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards” (View big, full screenshot here).

If you remember, there was a big controversy as to how MTV promised to honor Jackson by presenting him with a new, special award. Jackson showed up, helping to boost their ratings, while MTV later made a mockery of the entire event.

The same night there was a controversy as to whether or not MTV actually gave Jackson an award, with some insiders saying higher-ups had MTV pull the award to teach Jackson a lesson.  This was around or after the big falling out Jackson had with Sony Music.

MTV pretended like Jackson went up on stage and gave himself an award, or had a “misunderstanding” of how he was being honored that night; his birthday by the way.

But apparently nobody warned to the guys running MTV’s website that the award had been yanked or that Jackson was being made a fool out of because they posted the information about the Artist of the Millennium Award on MTV’s site that night. See screenshot from 2002 below:
MTV proof from 2002

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LAPD Met with Jackson Doctor

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Los Angeles Police Department investigators were behind closed doors at an undisclosed location this evening meeting with Dr. Conrad Murray and his attorneys about the death of pop star Michael Jackson, who went into cardiac arrest on Thursday while under Murray’s care.

“They are still behind closed doors with investigators,”  said Miranda Sevckik, a spokeswoman for the Houston law firm of  Stradley, Chernoff  Alford, which was retained by Murray. “We don’t know, even the investigators probably don’t know, how long they are going to be.”


BET Awards to Overhaul Show, Tribute to MJ

The BET Awards are undergoing “a total overhaul” as the show is retooled as a tribute to Michael Jackson, the network said Friday. The telecast is being lengthened, performers are being added to the lineup and additional guests are expected to attend, said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive of Black Entertainment Television.

“We’re adding on,” Lee said from the Shrine Auditorium, where the awards will be presented Sunday. “We’re trying to do the numbers we had already planned and we’re trying to add on, so it may be a longer show than we anticipated.”

At least 30 minutes will be added to the broadcast, she said. Jamie Foxx is set to host the show.


Respect him in death like you didn’t do during his life

Blog entry 7:55PM

The people who were very close to Michael Jackson and who are mature enough not to be irresponsible with their words have conducted themselves with respect in the wake of an incredibly difficult time for the world. Rev Al Sharpton and Gladys Knight are a few.

However, while watching news coverage today I have seen people like Deepak Chopra and Jackson-hanger-on Brian Oxman who have both behaved in an unacceptably irresponsible way, and they should both be slapped in the mouth for creating/spreading unconfirmed and speculative comments about Jackson’s death.

Oxman, who apparently never met a camera he didn’t like, started not even 24 hours after Jackson’s death.

Michael’s body ain’t even in the ground yet and they got their happy a$ses in front of a camera talking about something neither one of them know anything about.