Accuser’s Family Files Claim against DCFS-MJEOL Bullet #148

Accuser’s Family Files Claim against DCFS-MJEOL Bullet #148 Just when you thought the Jackson case couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a piece of news crosses the wires that simply makes you chuckle in disbelief. According to ABCNews the family of the accuser has filed a claim, the first step towards a lawsuit, against the LA Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). The document obtained by ABCNews and now available at, was filed on behalf of the accuser and family.

Fiery Words from Attorney Tacopina– Bullet #146

Fiery Words from Attorney Tacopina – MJEOL Bullet #146 Joe Tacopina appeared on Fox News Live May 23 2004 to once again knock down what so many in the media have tried to insinuate: the alleged ‘co-conspirators’ have not “flipped” and will not be accepting any deals from the prosecution.Tacopina told host Rita Cosby that threats about his clients being arrested have been ongoing since the Jackson indictment.The question is, have prosecutors shot themselves in the foot by badgering these alleged ‘co-conspirators’?Or was there ever a chance in hell that they would even consider “flipping” on Jackson?

Prosecutors’ Nonsensical Argument to Retain $3M Bail– Bullet #145 Update

Prosecutors’ Nonsensical Argument to Retain $3M Bail – MJEOL Bullet #145 Update Just when you thought prosecutors in the Michael Jackson case couldn’t appear any more desperate, they always manage to take it a step further.Jackson was assigned a $3M bail amount before he was taken into custody.That amount was astronomically high and was unprecedented.Now prosecutors are arguing, in a new motion, that the $3M bail should stand because Jackson is a flight risk.By all accounts, it’s safe to say that Jackson isn’t fleeing the country.And with this being 6 months after police ransacked his Neverland Ranch, it seems implausible that he would flee now as opposed to then.

Bashir: ‘Journalist’/Pariah Signs with ABC– Bullet #144

Bashir: ‘Journalist’/Pariah Signs with ABC – MJEOL Bullet #144 It has been reported that Martin Bashir has signed up with ABC’s 20/20 as a form of replacement, to a certain extent, for Barbara Walters.He will be a “special correspondent” with the network.I’ve heard of networks desperate for ratings, but this is ridiculous.With their 4th place position among the top networks coupled with their internal rivalries, what this decision will do is make people question the motives of ABC.The question that remains, however, is what celebrity in their right mind would consent to do any interview with him after seeing the way he butchered the Michael Jackson so-called documentary, and blew any chance of gaining a Barbara Walters-like mystique for celebrity interviews?

Sufficient Evidence to Further Misconduct Suit against Sneddon- Bullet #143

Sufficient Evidence to Further Misconduct Suit against Sneddon- Bullet #143 A U.S. District Court Judge, Dickran Tevrizian, found sufficient evidence to uphold the majority of a huge $10 M corruption lawsuit against Santa Barbara County and specifically the district attorney’s office, which is headed by current DA Tom Sneddon.The $10 M lawsuit filed by attorney Gary Dunlap, alleges the two main prosecutors on the Jackson case, Sneddon and Gerald Franklin, and others were involved in malicious prosecution, conspiracy, and witness tampering in the case against him. The judge dismissed the claims of racketeering and trespass.