CA Atty Gen Launches Investigation Into Jackson Death

After the Coroner’s office released the official cause of Michael Jackson’s death Friday (Aug 28 2009), the California Attorney General has launched an independent investigation into the case.  The Coroner found Jackson’s main cause of death is “acute propofol toxicity” which, experts say, points the finger directly at Murray.

A.G. Jerry Brown released a statement saying that the LAPD asked Brown’s agents to initiate an investigation into “several” doctors whose names came up during the course of the Jackson death investigation.

From the press release:

Responding to a request from the LAPD, agents from my office will investigate several physicians whose names have come up in the course of the Michael Jackson death inquiry.

Reports say that police met with Bureau of Narcotics and Drug Enforcement Administration representatives on August 20 2009 about this issue. 


LA Times: Drug amounts in Michael Jackson death probe don’t add up

If Michael Jackson died from lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic propofol, then his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, would have had to inject much more of the drug than he reportedly told police, medical experts said.

That opinion is based on court records unsealed in Houston on Monday in which Los Angeles police detectives recount Murray’s statement, taken in a three-hour interview two days after the pop star’s death.

According to the records, Murray told them that he had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol each night over a six-week period. Murray told police that he had been trying to wean Jackson off the powerful anesthetic and, on the night of his death, gave him a combination of other sedatives — until finally succumbing to Jackson’s repeated demands for propofol.

According to the documents, Murray then gave Jackson 25 milligrams of propofol. But those amounts — 25 and 50 milligrams — are far below the dosage required to anesthesize someone and keep them asleep, several experts said.


EW: Jackson Number Ones on Top Again… Sort of – MiniB #76

Michael Jackson has, again, outsold the #1 album on the Billboard 200 Chart. And, again, the King of Pop is making mince meat out of the current established system.

The “#1 album”  (you’d have to put that in quotes) belongs to Fabulous this past week. However, he’s only sold 99,000 copies. Jackson’s Number Ones sold 114,000 copies this past week.

Jackson’s Number Ones was also the #1 selling album last week as well.

Number Ones is older than 18 months, thus it doesn’t qualify to be listed on the Billboard 200 chart. Ridiculous.  However, the album has consistently outsold new releases from so-called ‘hot’ artists.


Jackson still top of British album charts

Michael Jackson’s popularity with British music buyers shows no signs of waning as “The Essential” stayed top of the album charts for the fifth week in a row, the Official Charts Company said on Sunday.

Jackson has topped the album chart since his death in June, with “Essential” and hits package “Number Ones” occupying the top spot for the last six weeks as fans snap up copies of his back catalogue.